Despite this wealth of food delivery platforms, most of them are the same, offering one-time deliveries from restaurants and eateries. Feasti, a new food delivery service, is changing the game when it comes to ordering in by offering home-cooked meals available through subscription plans.

Feasti offers  certified home cooks the chance to share their passion for healthy food and market cuisine at affordable prices while also building their own brand. For customers, this means getting a satisfying, home-cooked meal without the stress of meal prepping. Customers can personalize their subscription plans by repeating meals they like, adding extra meals, or searching through tons of cuisine options. Enjoy affordable healthy meals and get your order delivered directly to your door, so you can eat worry-free, every day.

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Customers can save 15% off using code SIGNUP22 by downloading the Feasti appand placing an order. From there, customers can browse meals available in their neighborhoods prepared by food safety-certified HomeCooks, and then decide if they would like a weekly or monthly meal plan. Customers have the option to pause plans and adjust their delivery schedule to fit their needs. The Feasti app makes it easy to browse global cuisines and customize meals, ensuring that each customer is getting food that their taste buds will love. Getting healthy, affordable, and delicious meals to your door couldn’t be any easier!

Ordering in is more popular than ever due to busy schedules and fast-paced lifestyles. There are now countless meal ordering platforms that make whatever you’re craving a possibility, as these services will pick up food and drop it off right at your door. With all the choices for food delivery, what makes a customer choose one delivery app over another? It all comes down to variety and convenience.

The Culinary World at Your Fingertips

In the past, takeout seemed limited to pizza and Chinese in those classic white boxes, but food delivery services today open up a whole new world of cuisine. Many restaurants use third-party apps and platforms to help manage their orders and make the delivery process smooth for both themselves and the customer. All the customer needs to do is surf the app for the cuisine that piques their interest and place an order.

In addition, food delivery services make sense financially. Users don’t have to spend time or money to pick up or search for food when it can be brought to their home or office instead. Feasti offers authentic cuisines from all over the world without having to go to a specific market place. Complete your lunch and dinner needs by choosing weekly or monthly subscription plans through the Feasti app. In the past, people had to have cash ready to pay and tip their deliverer, but apps offer flexibility when it comes to payment types

We at Feasti is focused on improving society by utilizing technology and innovative solutions to provide access to high-quality homemade food prepared by talented local chefs.

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